Working Methodology

– Initial Survey Document ground for lace work, earthworks removal and potentiall impact on architectural elements present in the field of construction.

– Stake in planimetry and altimetry in the phases of foundation and structure.

– Jobs topographic-metric checks for finished executions.

– Maintenance and regular checking of the various tools/equipment used in surveying work.

– Auscultation of screens and buildings, works that provides some kind of movement built elements.

– Establishment of the network of bases needed for the project.

– Initial Surveying the work.

– Checking the axes in plan and elevation of the actual terrain.

– Verification of the measurements of the original design and calculation of earthworks.

– Check the position of the structures and adapt to the realities on the ground.

– Stake in planimetry and altimetry in the stages of foundation and structure of the works factory.

– Staking at planimetered-main shaft for performing work the working track and possible accesses.

– Study of the distribution of the different elements work for your situation and required thickness.

– Calculation of-curvature data of the elements in horizontal, vertical and conjugated to adapt to the longitudinal pipe defined above ground.

– Set out the actions necessary for the implementation of the areas where they will reside position valves.

– Surveying, each of the joints between elements for carrying plane as built.

– Reconstitution of the land-surveying and for incorporation into the as built.